Sunday, January 10, 2016

One interesting thing about conspiracies is that everyone has their own line - call it the nut-case delineation line. On this side are the conspiracies you believe; the other side are just idiotic. For example, Trump was all over President Obama's birth certificate yet he doesn't say anything controversial about 911 - and this is an expert on how buildings are built. Yet his secret girlfriend Rosie O'Donnell is big on 911. I think it's fascinating to hear these declarations come out of different people: "Big Foot? He's an inter-dimensional being traveling from another universe, but that stuff about chem-trails is just crazy." Or, "JFK was killed by Oswald - he had to be so we could fake the moon landings." It goes on and on. 
    So what do I believe? Well, let's just say I don't think Ruby killed Oswald because he was upset. I think he was ordered to because they didn't want Oswald to talk. But anyone who says we didn't go to the moon is just out of it. Now, whether or not we encountered an alien presence there? That's a different story....In conclusion, although the most strident conspiracy nuts can be very annoying, I feel kind of grateful that they're out there. And I do mean out there. Why? Because if a conspiracy is being planned - and you know they are - the ringleaders have to worry about the dedicated army of rabid conspiracy nuts who will be on their case the minute it  happens. And that could act as a deterrent. Actually, I don't really believe this - that's just what my CIA handlers wanted me to say....