Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jeb Bush on Talking to Screens

Go back and really look at the Florida vote again that gave us George W. Bush. During the campaign Jeb and his sidekick Katherine Harris dumped one voter screening company and hired another for a fortune. That second company managed to shed a huge amount of legitimate voters from the rolls - voters who would not have voted for his brother. This has been researched into the ground by people like Greg Palast. So before the Supreme Court even had a chance to pick the president, it would have been over except for Jeb. Think of how this country could have been different if we had avoided the Bush/Cheney years and the disastrous war in Iraq. Without Jeb Bush looking out for his brother George W. and stripping the voter rights from thousands, we could have avoided so much misery. So seeing Jeb Bush flounder in the polls - despite all the old cronies throwing a fortune at the campaign - is one of the few positive developments of this wretched political season. And yet, we must remain ever vigilant. We can't let down our guard for a second because the Bush family never rests in its quest for power. This thing is not over yet, but at least the numbers for Jeb are encouragingly bad.