Sunday, January 24, 2016

President Obama's Drone Program

Even if you try ignoring little inconveniences like morality, the Rule of Law and thousands of years of civilization and...oh yeah, that quaint old Christian commandment,"Thou shalt not kill," you're still stuck with the pragmatic question: Does our behavior in these countries actually fight terrorism or increase it? 
 Many have argued that - rather than solve anything - taking out someone's family members just creates the kind of burning hatred that will last for generations. How does that help? Then you're faced with the notion that this is exactly how it's supposed to work: This is the military industrial complex insuring that it will get even more "defense dollars" in the future. The War on Terror is destroying the United States by sucking trillions of dollars into this misery. It is a direct assault on our national solvency without really solving anything. And there's President Obama - weeping openly as he discusses kids here getting killed - while he sends drones to kill kids over there. 

       Something about the antiseptic nature of having a machine up there doing it provides a disconnect in his mind and with the American Public. But if you're crawling around on the ground after your family gets hit by some hellfire missile, it is all too real. And you know one thing for sure: You're going to try and hurt the country that did this to you until your last breath. 

            Summing up: The drone program is a mystery. It doesn't make sense - even some military types have said that - so why do we do it? For the power rush? Is it like a video game? Is