Monday, January 11, 2016

Libya on Talking to Screens
American foreign policy has devolved into the embodiment of family values - if the family was from the Cosa Nostra. We talk a wonderful game about spreading freedom and Jeffersonian democracy but the fact is we feel we have the right to go into another country and destroy their leaders and plunder their wealth if we feel like it. Then it's just a matter of spinning the results into a feel-good story - no matter how disastrous they are on the ground. And who's to argue with a winning game plan? 
One thing though: If you're planning to sell the feel-good version of the mess in Libya you better not have emails come to light that indicate a different story. Hillary received emails from other government officials that indicated that France's involvement and our subsequent participation were motivated - not for freedom - but for oil and gold. Whoops. Of course, we always seem more enthusiastic when we're destroying a place. That's where the money is. Then later as it becomes another major problem spot in the world, we wring our hands and bemoan our undeserved fate. How can so much good intention turn into such a nightmare in these countries? We were just trying to help - as in "help ourselves to their riches." Oh well. Hey, freedom isn't free, right? And yes, it's too bad that we created another mess that will haunt us for decades. But why fret about it now? It's on to the next one.